Weld Fixtures

Gruber Tool and Die makes every effort to meet the needs of our customer base. We have recently expanded our welding and fixture manufacturing department to accommodate an expanding customer base. Whether your needs are simple, manually-operated fixtures, or fully-automated robotic fixtures, Gruber Tool and Die can provide you with quality products, that meet or exceed your expectations. Based on your requirements, our fixtures are designed and built using the simplest, cost-effective method , with the goal of saving you time and money.

Checking Fixtures & Gages

Part validation and quality control is a key aspect of the tool & die industry. At Gruber Tool & Die, we recognize that constantly meeting tolerances and certifying parts can be extremely time consuming in a large volume production environment which is why we offer checking gauges and fixtures services to our customers.

The image pictured to the right is a custom engineered gauge that measures the RMS of a satellite dish. All of the design, engineering and tooling was done on site.