Tool & Die Engineering

Tool & Die Design/Engineering

Our Design/Engineering Group consists of 10 Designers and 5 Manufacturing Engineers that specialize in the Metal Stamping Industry. At Gruber Tool & Die, We can fulfill your needs in any aspect of tooling from simple fixtures to elaborate, close tolerance, high production, progressive dies. A team of Design Engineers of this size allows us the ability to not only meet and and exceed our customers expectations, but it also provides us the flexibility to accommodate changes to the part and flexible lead times.

Our Team of Designers/Manufacturing Engineers are experienced in all types of tooling solutions from simple hand transfer and blank dies, to complex progressive dies and deep draw dies, we handle a wide array of industries. Our extensive experience in the industry helps us to eliminate wasted resources, and helps to improve quality and turnaround times.

3D CAD Modeling

From concept to completion, our team of experienced 3D modeling Designers use Solidworks to develop tool designs that are customized precisely to our customer's specifications and manufacturing process. With advancements in CAD and CAM systems, as well as the utilization of advanced forming analysis software, our design team is able to test and validate the complete design concept prior to tool manufacturing. This ensures that prototype tooling and early parts are designed in the most cost efficient manner possible and allows for part validity during the engineering phase.

At Gruber Tool & Die, our team of Designers utilize the latest Solidworks 3D design Software from Dassult Systems. Solidworks delivers powerful design functionality with an intuitive interface that allows us to speed up our design process.

Our Designers use Solidworks

(We also accept most CAD format files including but not limited to

AutoCAD, Solidworks, Pro Engineer, and Unigraphics)

Design Capabilities include upfront engineering.