Other Services

Die Repair

At Gruber Tool & Die we know that when your metal stamping die or tooling systems is not working, and your manufacturing line is down, you're loosing money. Our skilled Tooling Engineers provide turn-key die diagnostics, repair, and maintenance with quick turnaround times. We also provide die revision services ranging from simple sharpening and reconditioning to complex die changes and re-work. At Gruber Tool & Die we have the knowledge and expertise to make diagnosing and repairing your metal stamping dies a smooth, pain free process that will save you time and money.

In-House Heat Treatment

At Gruber Tool & Die we have in-house heat-treating capabilities up to 16" x 20" x 25". Any larger heat treating is outsourced and are guaranteed to meet NTMA specifications.

  • Electra Vacuum Degassed Furnace - 16" x 20" x 25"

  • Electra Heat Treat Furnace - 10" x 16" x 19"

Tryout Presses/Low Volume Production

Gruber Tool & Die offers precise metal stamping for tryout and low volume production runs. Whether your running a 10 part die tryout or a 1000 part production run we can deliver every time with absolutely accurate, repeatable parts, that meet your tolerances.

Gruber Tool & Die handles materials from .004" to .250" in thickness. Our press capabilities include the following:

  • 220 Ton AIDA Press – 33” x 96” Bed.

  • 330 Ton Niagra With 24” Servo Feed Line – 84” x 48” Bed

  • 400 Ton Verson Try-out Press with 30” Feed 54” x 96” Bed.

  • 500 Ton Verson Try-out Press with 36” Feed – 60” x 120” Bed.

Quality/Part Inspection

Quality control and part inspection/validation is a critical aspect of the metal stamping industry. At Gruber Tool & Die we are committed to providing the highest quality tooling for our customers. Our quality control lab has a fully programmable IMS Impact II CMM as well as 2 portable measuring arms that allow us to perform capability studies per our customers request. The addition of our Roamer 7 Axis Portable CMM with 3D Scanner allows us the flexibility needed for quick part validation to reverse engineering. Full model manipulation allows us to pre-program complex parts prior to the tool completion and the with the utilization of advanced forming analysis software, our design team is able to test and validate the form-ability of parts before the design phase even begins.