Prototype Parts

Die Simulation/Virtual Die Tryout

Prototype tooling and product development are critical aspects of the Tool & Die industry. At Gruber Tool & Die, we use our forty plus years of experience, in conjunction with the latest, most advanced technology, to provide accurate early parts during the development stage. Utilizing the latest in forming analysis and simulation software, we have the ability to accurately predict the most economical, feasible way to meet and exceed the customers expectations before the tooling phase even begins. With Gruber Tool and Die, you can rest assured that we will work as closely as possible with our customers, to develop engineering solutions that overcome even the toughest product design challenges.

Part Analysis/Form-Ability

Gruber Tool Utilizes FormingSuite software to provide our customers with the most accurate validation of tooling designs, part materials and forming processes. FormingSuite, a product of Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI) is the world's leading provider of software solutions for the design, feasibility, and costing of sheet metal components. Utilizing this leading edge technology enables us to immediately improve our balance sheet by reducing material and labor costs.

Advancements in simulations software allows us to identify 90% of forming feasibility issues within minutes, to substantially reduce financial risks during product development Simulation analysis and testing can evaluate thinning, splitting, compression, wrinkling, trim line optimization, and spring back compensation.