Metal Stamping Dies

Gruber Tool & Die, Inc. specializes in developing innovative, cost-effective Metal Stamping Dies. We handle all types of metal stamping materials (aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, CRS, HRS, etc.) from .004" to .250" in thickness and have a range of presses from 35 to 500 tons with beds up to 60" x 120". We have the ability to design, test and manufacture a tooling solution that will efficiently and cost effectively meet or exceed our customers expectations as well as delivering consistent high-quality parts for the life of the tool.

Our extensive "Part Library" pictured above allows us the ability to quickly reference old jobs during every phase of the tooling process. This not only allows us to help produce the most accurate product possible, but also provides us a way to ensure the accuracy of quotes, the reliability of the tooling process being applied, and a reference to use to prevent tooling issues that may arise after engineering and development that may drive up costs.

Forming Dies

Deep Draw Dies

Progressive Dies

Compound Dies

Transfer Dies